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Margherita Pizza Kit

AED 1,000

Everything you need to make 2-12-inch Margherita pizzas at home! This kit makes two pizzas.
* Dough (190 gms): Our handmade dough balls, proofed for 48 hours.
* Cheese (80 gms): Freshly cut salted Mozzarella, ready to top your pizza.
* Tomato Sauce (80 gms): Our tomato sauce is made from high-quality tomatoes and herbs, with the perfect amount of sweetness to complement the Mozzarella.
* Basil Leaves: These basil leaves add the perfect aromatic touch to the Neapolitan Margherita.
* Parmesan Shavings: World-famous Parmesan cheese, adding a subtle umami depth to your pizza.
* The proportions listed above are for one pizza. This kit provides enough materials for two pizzas.

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